Web Design / Internet Marketing

Services include:

  • Planning sessions for the site’s function related to your company or personal image,

  • Submission of potential design directions towards an approved design. This can encompass a totally custom design, or can be a tailored Wordpress or Joomla solution,

  • Execution of the design and its various elements including photography, text composition, digital imaging, graphics, programming (including Flash, Streaming Videos, and javascript),

  • Search Engine Optimization strategy,

  • Implementation and monitoring of the site - included in your contract for six months,

  • Tracking the site and its performance - daily/weekly/monthly reports send to you automatically.

Technology Consulting

  • Start-up help with new systems, software and hardware - PC or MAC;

  • Training and upgrading of systems for individual clients and small businesses

  • Installation of wireless networks

  • In-home service to help you with routine computer issues, and/or help you upgrade all of your electronic technology. For example;

    Accompanied client to guide in the purchase of a new laptop, printer, and wireless modem,
    Installed wireless network and configured laptop, printer, phones, and DVD player to use its signal,
    Helped transition from two phone systems to one - saving the client $70 per month in unnecessary phone charges,
    Trouble shot existing TV/cable/DVD set-up; configured and installed a new unified remote control for one-button convenience,
    On retainer to provide hands-on training so client is comfortable with new and upgraded technology,
    and more on an as needed basis.

Digital Photography and Video

Cross Fit Palm Springs
  • As part of website imagery

  • Headshots and portfolio images

  • Fine art photography

  • Image enhancement through lighting, color and textual manipulation

  • Restoration of old and damaged photographs to pristine condition

  • Video Production / conversions for websites