Web Design - the approach

Good design is about clarity. It's about finding a very clear, concise design with a simple line running through it.

The first function of an effective website is communication. The second is simplicity. Our goal is to present you or your business in the clearest way possible so that your message can reach your market in the most effective manner. Your website will be created to display very quickly and present information simply and directly. Click here to view current Significant Projects.

The best design is one that doesn't call attention to itself. It allows your work and its unique qualities to shine, and more effectively market what you have to offer.

Putting a website together involves getting to know the client's business. Sometimes that involves re-examining a company's branding as part of a larger marketing strategy. Personally, it means getting to know you, and listening with a good ear, so that we can translate what we hear to a format that will work on the internet. This works best as a collaborative process, and one of our chief strengths is integrating other people's ideas into a simple design.


Group photo of Dr. Mark Chung and modelsAs a photographer, my philosophy is to bring out aspects of my clients that they may not have seen before. Actors, models and singers are often trying to present who they are in a way that's different and unique. When they see my work and say, "It's a new me that I never really saw before," I feel I've done my job.

In photography for websites, the challenge is to capture images that bring out the product, relationships and situations with clarity. For example this photo of Dr. Mark Chung to your left. You immediately understand that Dr. Chung owns an Optometry business, that his products are 'hip,' yet not too pricey, and his office is a fun place to be. My photography captures many emotions and points of view.

I have recently launched a separate website for my photography where you can see all of my work.
Please visit GeigerDigitalPhotography.com