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Laptop. Smartphone.  Tablet. Desktop.
Social Media, e-blasts, Vlogging, Analytics.

There was a time a few years back when it was enough to simply have a web site.  The people came.  Now, with over one billion active websites on the Internet, that background noise makes it increasingly difficult to be heard.

How do you begin to manage all of this and create a seamless online presence? You bring the best onboard!

Mr. Geiger has been in the technology field his entire career.  Work experience has encompassed software design and development, consulting in Los Angeles, on Wall Street.  In 2002 Geiger Digital came into being and it has been our privilege to work with many amazing, dynamic people and businesses. With my partners and their professional experience in Graphic Design,  Photography, and Videography, we can transform your online Brand. Our most recent work can be found here.


Alden Gaines is a recent addition to the company.  His background in fitness, and bio-technology will help the company move into the expanding arena of online medical applications.  Mr. Gaines joins Geiger Digital as Product Analyst and Technology Researcher.

You can reach Geiger Digital at 310.734.9259, or by filling out the short form below. We thank you for your interest. Let’s Get Started!