What if developing projects for the online world could be handled through one company,  simply,  completely,  and on time?


Geiger Digital is an online development consultancy. My strategic partners and I specialize in creating distinctive online experiences for small businesses; from designers and non-profit organizations to retail companies and fitness professionals.

Coordinated services include site analysis and development, Social Media development and integration, custom Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Technology support and more.

Increasingly, professional Photography and Videography are essential components to differentiate sites, and make yours stand out. As a professional photographer, I strive to bring out aspects of my clients that they may not have seen before. Actors, models and singers are often trying to present who they are in a way that is different and unique. When they see my work and say, “It’s a ‘me’ that I never really saw before,” I feel I’ve done my job.


Geiger Digital
creates, improves, and promotes your business online.